May 24, 2005

Episode 3

So, like so much of the world, I saw Revenge of the Sith last night. (Well, maybe the rest of the world didn't see it last night, but close enough) It wasn't horrible, and it's definitely true -- you can't have too many light saber battles in a movie. There were lots, and it made this a better film. Maybe Lucas should've put some in Temple of Doom. (You remember that movie -- it's the middle one of the Indiana Jones trilogy, the one still in cellophane because you never unwrapped it. Right next to Star Trek V, which you also never unwrapped. Thinking about it, Star Trek V could've done with more light saber battles and less actual movie)

I've got to admit, though, I kept waiting for silhouettes of Joel and the 'Bots to show up on screen. "The Jedi council doesn't trust me." Duh, because you're evil.

This is a movie I wished I could've seen with Chip and Elaine. Wouldn't have made the movie better, but seeing it would've been more fun.

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May 17, 2005

Oh, look, emacs broke again!

Who'dve thunk it?

Yeah, the OS X 10.4.1 upgrade broke emacs. Or, rather, to put the blame in the right place, the 'clever' tricks that emacs plays to get itself going break with depressing regularity when anything inside the OS shifts around. (Part of the build process actually core-dumps a running emacs and then fixes up the core file to be an executable, which is clever but somewhat fragile on some OSes, including OS X)

It's a pity I can't stand the vi-alikes. This has gotten kinda old.

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May 13, 2005

I'm so proud...

The other day I ended up being late without calling home, which is relatively unusual for me these days. Did my kids worry? Get nervous?

Nope. "We thought Dad had been kidnapped by space aliens!"

It's things like that which make you realize you've done your job as a parent right.

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