August 29, 2006

There's something just not right about that...

I know it's an act of supreme, if likely wrongheaded, laziness, but rather than trying to figure out how to build libraries on Windows, or get libraries loading via relative paths right on OS X, I just hacked up the makefiles for the perl module and the main tornado distribution to directly reference the objects. That means you get the whole wad just linked into your perl module, and at some point I'll get library building done in a proper cross-platform way so you can have your .so / .dll / .dylib again.

In the mean time, I get to leverage perl's wad 'o platform-specific knowledge and just bodge all the objects together into whatever perl needs, and if someone twiddles with a ruby or python version they can do the same thing.

I'd feel guilty, except the module library still weighs in at under 140K. I think I can live with that, 'specially as the library built for Devel::Size is 57K and there's not nearly so much code in it.

Windows still doesn't quite build right, but if all goes well it will in the next day or so. Assuming you've got the same development environment I do (which'd be activestate perl and the .NET 2003 dev kit), and if you don't then I probably ought to make PPMs to go with the source tarball. 'Cause, what the heck, having the perl module makes testing this stuff a lot easier. Yay for dynamism and all.

(No, there's no particularly interesting insights here. This is all grunt work, though I am so looking forward to learning Windows threading model enough to get its thread stuff into Tornado...)

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