August 21, 2006

Release early and often!

Yeah, so I blew it. A required file was missing, one I hadn't added to the repository. Ouch.

Anyway, it's in, and as a bonus there are some (very) minimal docs in the docs/ directory that I've cleaned up a little, the README file is mildly useful, and the garbage collector won't collect up and kill global variables. I regenerated the ops table too, so opcodes will have constant numbers. Not a huge deal, but stability of opcode numbers is nice. I'll probably toss and redo the table and bump the version number before release, since there's a lot of crud in there that I think I'll redo when I have time. (Like there are _vv _ss and _sv versions of opcodes, which made sense until I built the MMD system into tornado, and are now mostly just annoying fiddly things)

I probably ought to dig out some subversion plugin or other that'll automatically generate a changes file.

New version at Feel free to have at it, and I think the comments on the blog are even fixed. (A mixed blessing, since that means blogspam again)

(And if you snagged the tarball before 10:30PM Eastern (I think we're GMT -500) re-snag -- it now builds on linux, and I tossed the damn redundant ops and went full MMD for dispatch. We have it, so we might as well use it, and I can add in static analysis later if I want)

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