July 18, 2004

Functiony goodness

Well, the translator can now handle functions without parameters. Whee! That means:
def bar():
  a = 3
  print "Foo"
  print a

a = 2
b = 3
if a:
  print a, b
  c = a + b
  print c
  a.foo = c
  d = a.foo
  print d
2 3
as it ought to. (Well, OK, except for the whole "a.foo is an error" thing...)

I've uploaded the updated translator. After lunch, it's time for positional and keyword parameters. This may be slow, since I'm doing hash lookups for all the locals, where Python uses array lookups for the LOAD_FAST/STORE_FAST ops. I ought to translate over to using an OrderedHash for the local store and using array access there too.

Update 1: Well, turns out positionals are pretty easy too. That's up and done, so you can pass parameters to functions. Cool. Posted by Dan at July 18, 2004 11:36 AM | TrackBack (0)


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