Dan Sugalski's CV





Public Modules
  • Devel::Size
  • Mac::AppleScript
  • Taint
  • VMS::Device
  • VMS::Misc
  • VMS::Monitor
  • VMS::Priv
  • VMS::Process
  • VMS::Queue
  • VMS::User



  • Internals Designer, Perl 6
  • Past maintainer of the VMS Perl port
  • Author, Programming Cocoa Applications with Perl for O'Reilly (in progress)
  • Most of the thread documentation and maintenance work for perl 5.005 and 5.6.0
  • Author of many articles
  • Perl replacement for Oracle's long-defunct SQL*Menu product
Other Activities
  • Presented tutorial sessions at 5 conferences, including OSCON, DECUS, and O'Reilly's OS X conference
  • Presented sessions at OSCON, YAPC (both North America and Europe), PythonCon, and the ETH (The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology at Zurich) Perl 6 mini conference
  • Spoken to many Perlmongers groups
  • Taught many Perl classes, both beginning and advanced Perl


Perl Foundation
Design and implement Parrot, the interpreter engine for Perl 6
Sr. Verification Engineer,
Northern Light
Do Stuff. Seriously. (My semi-official job title was "Guy who does Stuff")

I wrote a perl interface to the NL database in XS, a large number of utilities to access that database, the main DB command-line query tool, lots of DB spam detection tools, tools to load data from the main (VMS-hosted) custom DB into remote Postgres DBs, and maintained the e-mail alerts system for a while.

If it was VMS-based and involved the search database, I did it.
System Administrator,
Cantor Fitzgerald Securities
Part of the sysadmin team responsible for maintaining the trading clusters and hot backup systems for one of the largest US government securities trading houses in the world.
System Administrator,
Oregon University System
Managed the VMS cluster providing administrative computing services to most of the member universities in the Oregon University System. The cluster had, at its peak, over 40 production, development, and test Oracle instances for the SCT/Banner system.

Also set up Y2K test system
Linn-Benton Community College
Half (the C half) of a two-person programming team supporting SCT's Banner school management system. Responsible for some VMS system management tasks, as well as setting up the campus Usenet news system and departmental webserver
Micro Sage Software Systems
Did frontline support, support programming, and development for a K-12 school management system written in BASIC running on RSTS/E.

Part of a four-person team developing K-12 Financial and Human Resources systems written in Progress

Current Fluent Languages Past Fluent Languages Up and Coming Fluent languages
  • Perl
  • C
  • Objective C
  • SQL
  • DCL
  • Forth
  • PostScript
  • Progress
  • ARexx
  • Pascal
  • PL/I
  • C++
  • Lisp
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • Japanese

Where am I?

I live in central connecticut, within reasonable commuting distance of Hartford, New York City and Boston, as well as points in between. For training gigs I can fly anywhere in the world, I can do off-site consulting anywhere that has reasonable tax issues with the USA, and for on-site consulting or full employment, well, if you're between NYC and Boston I can be there. For short term (few weeks or less) on-site work I can work anywhere in the USA if reasonable accomodations are available locally.

Relocation is a possibility if the circumstances are right. Check with me for that.

For more information and whatnot, send mail to dan@sidhe.org