April 04, 2010

A thing I want for my iPad

I've been fooling around with the thing since it showed up, and I like it. Using the iPad's different than I expected. I figured it'd be mostly like using my phone only with a screen big enough that I can see it from a distance, and with touch areas large enough that I can reasonably hit them. That, it turns out, is not the case. Having a huge screen makes interacting with it a mostly different experience, and one that's quite nice.

Having fiddled with it for a while, I realize that there's one thing very much missing in the accessory field. I want (I mean want, dammit!) a waterproof slide-in stand with screen protector. Something I can trivially slip the 'pad into and have it stand up so I can read it and tap the screen without worrying about getting stuff in the guts of the thing, mostly because of this:

Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List

Yeah, that's right, an iPad app with nicely formatted recipes, ready for use in the kitchen, a place where the iPad most definitely shouldn't go. (If the state of my cookbooks is anything to go by, given how spattered they are) Give me a way to use the 'pad in the kitchen and I will be very, very happy. (And likely start spending far too much on cookbooks in the book store)

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