August 13, 2006

Holy cow, it works!

Yeah, yeah, I know, it's been ages. That's OK, that's what RSS feeds are for -- to remind you that those of us who've gone missing have occasionally resurfaced.

Anyway, in my Copious Free Time (which is to say barely ever) I've been abusing Tornado, trying to get the basics of the thing to work. And... now it does. Woo! I'll grant, that's the sort of Woo! that comes from spending an order of magnitude more time on a dead-simple problem than the problem actually warrants (which means, of course, I was doing threads work) but I don't care. Woo! it is.

Okay, so Tornado doesn't as yet have garbage collection, and while it has most of the vector ops in there's no internal threading yet (merely external threading; Sending a function request to an instantiated Tornado instance spawns a new thread to run it), and some of the error checking's a bit dodgy. Which means it leaks like a sieve and falls over if you stare at it funny, but it works anyway. Besides, adding a GC's only an hour or two of work, so that's no big deal.

I've gotta admit, it's kind of cool to write a program that does fairly complex work on megabytes of data, when that program's all of twenty or thirty likes of assembly code and has no explicit loops in it.

I think this beastie's nearly ready for a release for folks to fiddle with, if they're so inclined. Or not, that's OK too.

One thing I have noticed that's really odd is that printf and its ilk don't work from inside Tornado on my OS X box. This is not a huge problem (I've made friends with GDB) but it is puzzling. They work fine from the driver program but not inside the engine code that lives in the .dylib. I have no idea why, and in practice it doesn't matter (since the engine can't do any IO itself by definition) but it's weird. I expect there's some odd flag or library I need to link in, or I should've waved the chicken widdershins around my laptop. Something technical like that.

The nice thing is that there's more than just a skeleton in place. Now there's a good chunk of meat on the bones, and a framework that makes it straightforward and pretty easy (courtesy of some of the lessons I learned from getting Parrot up and going) to extend things. This makes me... happy.

Of course, I expect getting this running on Win32 will make me Unhappy again, but that's OK, I can live with that. The code I need's in example form inside the perl 5 sources (and yeah, I know, that is a scary thought). Just gotta handle thread creation and joining, mutex creation, locking, unlocking, and condition waiting/signalling/broadcasting. (Which, I realize, is done a little differently under windows, but I've already abstracted it away a lot, so I'm fine there, I think)

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