June 27, 2005

Hey, look, free time!

Go figure. Anyway, since my free time is a bit more copious than it used to be, I decided to dust off an old module and fix it up a bit. (Well, OK, free time and the fact that I'm using it in a talk wednesday morning) So now, after a bit of work, Devel::Size is about as close to done as it's going to get. The only way it could get any done-er is to delve into perl's format code, something I'd really rather not do.

Devel::Size 0.61, it's on CPAN (or at least on its way), and it now knows about everything there is to know about code refs. Yeah, it means that you can now see exactly how much space a code ref ultimately uses, including the actual optree, stashes, and the stuff hanging off them.

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