June 07, 2005

Snapping the Tiger

On IRC today, Chris Nandor was remarking on how spotlight was chewing up vast amounts of CPU time constantly reindexing Eudora mailboxes when they're being downloaded. I was thinking he was wrong, since Eudora's traditionally pinned the CPU when downloading mail for me, and 100% is 100%, right?

Well, turns out Chris was right. The importer does suck down a lot of CPU time, especially on large mailboxes. I dunno about you, but spotlight indexing is pretty useless for me with Eudora, what with everything globbed into big boxes. (Finding that a 10K message mailbox matches my search does not help) Chris just nuked Spotlight, but I like it enough to keep it around, but putting Eudora's mail folder into the forbid list definitely speeds things up. And, if like me you've got a half-gig or so of mail folder, it saves some on spotlight database size too.

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