June 21, 2004

Too much talk

So, it turned out that I ran really long last thursday, and didn't get to the talk I'd actually prepared for the night, which was a bit disappointing. Then my laptop died (again, dammit) so I've not been able to get an annotated version of the slides for the second presentation together for everyone to look at (since it's not like I'm going to be giving this presentation anywhere else anytime soon--not too many folks are that interested in some of the details of implementing a virtual machine). When I get the machine back, assuming it works this tine, I'll get that done and a PDF of the slides posted.

As side-effects of the talk, I found that I rather like curried goat. Oh, and the cats are completely unimpressed with the spiffy new laser pointer. (The dog, though, chases it with some glee. Go figure)

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