January 11, 2004

Progress goes "Whoops, crash, tinkle, tinkle!"

With the last wave of crap coming in, I finally decided it was time to close off the comments for older posts to at least minimize the targets. That meant switching to an SQL database from BerkeleyDB, which is OK since I got burned by Debian with BerkeleyDB recently. (An 'upgrade' in Sarge actually backrev'd things leaving me with some version 9 DBs and a library that only understood up to version 8, but that's a separate problem)

Since I've been using Postgres at work, I figured I'd switch MT over to postgres. It supports that, right? Well...

Ultimately, yeah, it worked. Postgres was locked down in a paranoid way, so badly that you couldn't connect as a different user with a password (fixed in the config, eventually), then a typo in the config file took another 45 minutes or so tracking down wild geese, then it turns out that MT-Blacklist and Posgres don't play nice together (or, rather, storable doesn't, or something) so that meant more config file editing after an upgrade of MT-Blacklist, and that meant editing one of the files since the recommended workaround for Storable issues has a bug, and...

Gah. After an hour or two of annoyances I'm right back where I started, since I'm running out of battery on the laptop and don't feel like plugging in to dig out Jeremy's comment closing script.

Man, I hate computers.

Posted by Dan at January 11, 2004 11:26 PM | TrackBack (0)

What are you talking about? Computers make everything better. Paperless Office, here we come!

Posted by: Evan at January 12, 2004 01:16 AM

I've got Office. I've not noticed it making my life any more paperless... (the contrary, actually, I end up generating more paper when using it than when I used to do things the more old-fashioned way)

Posted by: Dan at January 12, 2004 10:32 AM