June 25, 2003

Steve Jobs is a second-rate Dr. Evil

The true Dr. Evil runs Nintendo.

I picked up a Gameboy Advance SP last night, along with a copy of Pokemon Ruby. Peregrine's got an original Gameboy Advance we got him for solstice last year, and since we've got the big flight to Portland in a few weeks, we decided to get a second Gameboy and both Ruby and Sapphire so we could link up and play on the plane.

Now, I kinda like Pokemon. The comics amuse me, I find the show funny, and the original game for the Gameboy was pretty engrossing, in a cute and mostly inoffensive way. But this thing... I got the system last night at about 7 PM, and got back to the hotel at about 7:30 or so. I have, so far, logged more than four and a half hours on it.

Evil, I tell you, pure and simple from the 8th dimension!

(The GBA SP system itself, though, is amazingly powerful and very cool in a geeky way, but that's another topic entirely)

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