May 12, 2003

'Twas a lime weekend

Last sunday was Mother's Day here in the US, and that means a weekend of cooking. Which is a grand thing, as I rather like cooking, and the kids do too. As part of it, I rediscovered lime as a flavor. I'm definitely thinking it's underused, especially in deserts. Yeah, you can get that bright green "lime" stuff, but... yech. Lime juice, both from traditional limes and key limes, is more a pale yellowish green.

Anyway, combined with a nice buttercream frosting base and a white chocolate cake, the results are just outstanding. (For the record, the cake was a white chocolate layer cake with a key lime curd filling and key lime flavored buttercream. Mmmmm, good!) Best served warm, as the volatiles in lime juice that give it that nice flavor don't volatize well at 'fridge temperatures, so a cold cake tastes fairly flat, but when warm...

Scallops work really well when marinated with lime and garlic too, though you have to be careful there to not cook the scallops in the juice. (Both lemon and lime juice will curdle the proteins in scallops more or less the same way that heat does, so if they soak too long they'll be the consistency of cooked scallops, and if you then cook those you end up with lime-flavored rubber balls. Definitely not good eats, to steal a phrase)

And there's something to be said about any holiday where giving Munchkin is considered entirely appropriate.

Posted by Dan at May 12, 2003 05:38 PM | TrackBack (1)

Dan, I think something's happened to your formatting. Everything up until today (May 12) has looked fine, but it looks like both entries you've put up today have no formatting whatsoever. This is especially noted by the way the "Posted by Dan at ..." lines at the end butt right up against the entry, whereas they were separated by a blank line in previous days. Also, the TrackBack links aren't showing up.

Posted by: Kurt at May 12, 2003 06:15 PM

Weird. Something to do with using the MT base entry editor rather than Kung Log in there somewhere. I expect I got something confused. Now it's fixed.

Posted by: Dan at May 12, 2003 06:34 PM


Good call on the lime. I thought I'd share a recent discovery. My wife is a big fan of Klarbrunn black cherry mineral water. I found that if you drizzle just a bit of Rose's Lime into a glass, the flavor is greatly enhanced.

Incidentally, I recently had a weekend getaway bachelor party where my brother rented a cabin in the woods where my friends assembled to celebrate my declining bachelorhood. One of my friends brought along Munchkin (and Space Munchkin) and the weekend was spent playing marathon sessions of this highly addictive game. So, there's another Munchkin-appropriate holiday.

Posted by: Alex Garrett at May 13, 2003 11:54 AM