April 10, 2003

Selective memories and the rewriting of history

Listening to news reports and conversations around here (here being the northeast US) is really very bizarre some times.

For example, I've been hearing a lot lately about how the war is the real reason the economy sucks at the moment. It's either war jitters, or the lead-up to war jitters, and in fact the reason that things were so bad from, say. fall of 2002 until we started the big kaboom was people worried about the war.

Erm... I don't think so. That's certainly not how I remember things. It's a great after-the-fact excuse "Oh, people were worried about the war!" but what people were really worried about was an economy that had turned to mush, large and continuing job losses, and the cleanup after a massive amount of corporate fraud.

Blaming it on the war is a good way to dodge the responsibility (Though as we've seen, Iraq wasn't a threat in any meaningful way, which we knew, so the timing of the war was far more flexible than people think), but it doesn't address the real issues--our economy sucks, and it's not getting dealt with. Remembering a fantasy of the past is not going to help, since it means people won't act based on the realities, and acting based on a fantasy of what you wanted to have happen is always a dangerous thing.

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