February 03, 2003

Network speeds

I've got my apartment wired up with twisted pair, which makes things nice. I've considered wireless, but since only one of the machines I've got running has wireless access, it seems like a bit much. Besides, I find I tend to work better when offline, and enabling wireless is just so tempting... :)

It's all 10Mb, due to a rather unpleasant event a year or so back with a defective machine and my (now dead) 10/100 switching hub. Normally it just isn't that big a deal--I'm not slinging enough data around to make a difference. And the link to the outside world's either 192Kb or 1.5Mb, so either way it outruns the DSL.

The one time I do feel it, though, is when getting ready to go places. Y'see, I've got our CD collection ripped and sitting on the central house server. It's a fair amount of data, given my wife and I have been collecting CDs since 1985, and I just don't keep it all on any local machine. A copy of some of it, sure, but since there's never enough space on the laptop drives, the MP3s are the first things to get tossed when I'm short of space. And, as I wanted to do a backup of the system recently (due to an unfortunate accident with some coffee and the laptop) I'd tossed them from the laptop so they wouldn't have to be backed up.

Well, now I'm heading off for a week of travel and work, so it's time to throw them all back onto the laptop, and that's when the speed difference really shows. Dropping 3G of MP3s over 100Mb takes a lot less time then doing it over 10Mb. Dammit. :(

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