November 17, 2002

Parrot, phase one, nearly complete

It's odd to think about it, but Parrot's nearly to a state of completion. Oh, it's not 100% done--we still have to build in the compiler modules, make sure that the engine's up to regexes, and get the object system complete--but most of the functionality of the interpreter's actually there. Scary. Here's a list of what I think we need to get to version 0.50:

  1. Dynaloading of bytecode
  2. Dynamic bytecode generation
  3. Exceptions
  4. Extension API definition
  5. Embedding API definition
  6. Dynamic C function calling (via dlsym and friends)
  7. Revamped I/O

Really, that's it. It's scary when you think of it, how far we've come.

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