November 12, 2002

Joys of upgrades

So, OS X 10.2.2 got released yesterday, so I upgraded. Why not, right?

Well, on the whole it seems snappier. I went and enabled journalling, so disk writes will be a bit slower, but that's fine, as I did ask for it. The system doesn't hang or crash much, but it is a laptop and I've had the battery go flat on me occasionally. (I've one that likes to drop from 20% to nothing in a few minutes. Time to replace a battery or two, methinks) Never hurts to be cautious and, while I've not lost anything yet, filesystems do dislike having their power popped with no warning.

Alas, the sole casualty of this upgrade is the build of Emacs I use. It's built from the latest emacs CVS sources and the darned thing just doesn't work. Icon bounces, then stops, and no window. Darn. Luckily I kept the source tree around, so a quickish sync up to the repository's got me in a position to at least rebuild. (A full checkout from the repository takes ages. Emacs is huge)

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