What is SIDHE.ORG?

Who runs the thing

That would be me. Hi. I'm Dan Sugalski, and I'm just this guy, y'know? Webmaster, domain contact, and just plain geek-about-town.

Purpose of the Domain

SIDHE.ORG is my domain, and welcome to it. This domain serves several purposes:

  1. My personal, portable, stable e-mail domain.
  2. Support for the Perl community on the VMS operating system
  3. Support for fan art for the fantasy and science-fiction community
  4. Support for RPGs of all sorts
  5. Ego gratification :-)

Some Rationale

I got this domain a few years ago partially for ego reasons, and partially because I wanted a stable e-mail address that would survive shifts of service providers and the inevitable moves from place to place. (There have been at least three since I got the domain--xxx.flushing.mi.us is not even close to right anymore)

It does have a purpose, though, at least in a fuzzy sense. Originally, the sidhe.org domain was supposed to provide resources for RPGs, which it currently does by arranging for the GCA-L and GCA-Beta mailing lists. Other RPG resources are in the works, so if anyone has anything they want to make available, I've got web space to burn.

Since then, it's also expanded to provide an art gallery for fantasy and science-fiction art, originally started to provide web space for a good friend of mine, Jane Irwin. While nobody else has taken me up on the offer of web space, it's there for the asking.

Later, since I got assimilated by Perl, I created a set of VMS Perl pages as a set of resources for people trying to get Perl and its modules built and installed on VMS.

What does sidhe stand for anyway?

It doesn't stand for anything. Sidhe (pronounced she, more or less) is a word which refers to the Faerie or little people of Ireland. I chose it because I had to choose something, and I've always been fascinated by faerie tales from the British Isles, and sidhe.org sounded better than faerie.org.

Last Updated 22-February-2002
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