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Links to all the tools you'll need to uncompress and build Perl. All you need is a VMS machine and a C compiler.

Perl Archive The first thing you'll need is the perl archive itself. This link should always point to the current version of Perl. When transferring the archive to a VMS machine, it should be named latest.tgz, or latest.tar-gz
UnZip You might need an unzipper for some of the following packages. INFO-ZIP's works quite nicely, and can be found at MadGoat's FTP site. The link goes to a directory--grab unzip.exe for VAX, unzip.alpha_exe for Alphas
GZip The Perl archive is typically GZipped. The GZip package for VMS can be found here.
un-tar tool Once un-gzipped, you're left with a TAR archive. VMSTAR will take a Unix tar archive and split it into its component files.
Make Tool Dec's MMS works, but if you don't have it, grab MadGoat's freeware MMK. In fact, grab it anyway, as it's nicer than MMS.
SOCKETSHR socket library SOCKETSHR provides a Berkeley socket interface. If you want sockets in your Perl and are not using the Dec C RTL socket interface (because, for example, you don't have Dec C, or your TCPIP stack doesn't emulate UCX)
NetLib socket library Netlib provides a generic layer for TCP/IP access. Socketshr uses this to interface with all non-UCX TCP stacks. Only needed if you are using Socketshr and not using UCX.

Last updated 17-July-1998
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