VMS::System provides functions to list all the nodes in a cluster and to retrieve system information for those nodes. All system information and system parameters are available at the local node, while all cluster parameters are available on all cluster members. Equivalent to, but with more functionality than, the DCL lexical F$GETSYI.

Special instructions for compiling on VMS

None. It's a VMS-specific module.

More Detail

This module provides an interface to the $GETSYI system call and, as a result, provides all the information (subject to all of $GETSYI's restrictions) that function can return.

The current main limitation is on cluster information--$GETSYI does not provide system parameters (CHANNELCNT, MAXBOBMEM, and their like) for non-local nodes, nor does it provide some system parameters (ARCH_NAME and SID, for example)

A function is provided to get the list of parameters that can be returned for a node.

Module Author

Dan Sugalski

Last Update 08-December-1997
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